Needham Family

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Wills - Derbyshire

Wills - Derbyshire up to end 17th Century

update 10 May 2017
1 Richard Nedam : of Foxlow, Hartington, 12 June 1505
Proven: 18 feb 1507
to be buried at St Giles Church Hartington
brother William Nedam
brother Ric. Knollup
daughter Margery
Mentions: Philip Nedam of Hayfield
Richard Nedam
Witnesses:include William Nedam & wife of Richard Nedam, junior
Executor: William Nedam & Ric. Knollup
Source 7
2 William Nethin/ Netham / Netam: of Bonsall Date 28 June 1541
proven 20 Oct 1541
Buried Bonsall church yard
wife Luce
Children: 3children
Anne - Bonsall church yard
children unspecified
Henry Netham ?
executor Luce Netam
Source 7
3 Henric/Henry Netham: of Bonsall date 7 Aug1542
proven12 Sept 1542 at Lichfield
To be buried at Bonsall
wife: Agnes; living 1552
daughters; Jane
son John Netham of The Cross Nether Bonsall
mentions Chritopher Netham - Overseer
exectutors: wife Agnes & son John & dau Jane
Source 7
4 William/ Wm Nedham: of Darley, date 24 July 1556
Probate: 28 Apr 1557
Needs translating
Source 1
5 Hugh Nedam of Bothlowe Hartington, 4 Jan 1557
Proven Apr 1557
To be buried at Fairfield
Wife Elnore
dau; Anne
Mentions; John Nedam Ferndale
Source 7 (Need to check)
6 Ralph Nedham: of Hathersage, date 1558
Probate: 24 June 1558
No will
Source 1
7 Roger Nedham of Staveley, date 1561
Probate; 15 Apr 1561
wife Elizabeth
son Ralphe
Source 1,CK
8 Ralph/Radi Nedham/Nedeham: of Staveley: date 1566
Probate: 25 Apr 1566
No will
Source 1
9 Robert Nedam : yeoman, of Hefield, dated 13 July 1566 source 7 husbandman of Ladyshaaye bothn
Inventory: 28 July 1566
probate: 19 Sep 1566
died 10 Apr 1567
Son; Robert Nedam, husbandman, of Ladyshaye, bothn
wife; Elizabeth survives 10 Apr 1567
Son; Alexander Nedam source 7 Alwx broother
granddaughter (eldest dau) Frances dau, Robert & Elizabeth Nedam
grandson: Nicholas Mellor wife: Elizabeth & son Nicholas Mellor w Elizabbeth
grandson: wife: Elizabeth; son Robert & Elizabeth
grandson: Robert Nedame; wife Mich(?) Melburn(?) son of Alexander
executors Nicholas Wells & Elizabeth Mellor
Source 7, 1, CK
10 Christopher Neddam: of Bonsall, dated Dec 1568
proven 23 April 1569
wife (Clarke Kyne)
brother (in law) John Knotton
daughter Margarett
son Edward Neddam
Henry Neddam
witnesses John Knotton, John Neddam
Source 1 & 7
11 Robart Nydam: of Stony Middleton, date 15th ? 1569
buried in Middleton, 20 Sept 1570
wife Ellen
son: John
Source 6
12 Ottiwell NEDHAM (NEEDEHAM), - of Colley in co Derby, gent., 21 Dec 1570.
Probate granted 6 Jul 1571.
Executors: Richard NEDHAM,   Henry NEDHAM,   John DAYKIN,   cousin Ottywell ALLYN, gent.,   cousin Robert FITZHERBERT of Tissington in co. Derby. 
Beneficiaries and others: brother George NEDHAM;   Richard WENSLIE;   Richard NEDHAM;   Henry NEDHAM;   John CLOWES;   father William NEDHAM;   grandmother Elizabeth NEDHAM;   father-in-law Anthony MOYNNE;   mother Margaret NEDHAM;   uncle Richard NEDHAM;   uncle John DAKYN of Snitterton;   Sir Ingram CLIFFORDE Kt and dame Anne his wife;   sister Frances and Thurston PLATT her husband;   sister Dorothy;   sister Elizabeth SWIFT;   Clement DEVICK;   cousins Clemence DAYKIN, Clare DAYKIN, Katherine DAYKIN and Jane DAYKIN;   godson and cousin Robert DAYKIN;   aunt Dorothy wife of John DAYKIN;   cousin William NEDHAM;   Robert WILSON "once my servant";   Ottywell WILMOTE and Katherine his wife;   John ALLEN my tenant and Ottywell his son. 
Supervisors: Right Honorable the Earl of Shrewsbury, cousin Thomas SUTTON of Overhaddon, uncle Richard NEDHAM, Esq. 
Witnesses: John NEDHAM,   Richard DALBE,   Thomas LAWE,   George STUBBING (x) and Isabell his wife,   John ETTER,   and Roger WILSONN. 
Source 3
13 Raph/Ralph Nedham/Nedeham: of Staveley dated 6 Sept 1576
Probate: 16 Apr 1577
Admin: Rappe? Nydam of Darley Jan 1576
wife Ales (Alice)
children: Jane plus 2 not named
Source 1,CK
14 Henry Needham : of Kirklington, dated 27 Aug 1576
Proven 1 Aug 1577 Southwell
wife: Anna Haselwood first husband Arthur Waredall de Wickham
wife: Katherine Gainsford of Carrhalton
Dau Katherine h Ambrose Gardiner m 6 Oct 1591 at Grimsby m Katherine
Dau Anna h Laurensins Blundeston of Haughton of Hexgrove Park Nottinghamshire; m Anna
H Henry Hunloke c 1584 m 7 Aug 1624 ? Derbyshire
Mentions Edward Nedham; gent. Of Worksop; implies Edward is his son
w Isabel bur 5 feb 1603 at Worksop
w Rosamund Fretchville m 12 Dec 1603 at Worksop
Source 1
15 Johanne Nedham: 1591
Wife; Jane?
Sons: George Nedham
John Nedham
James Nedham
Daughters: Margaret Nedham
Daughter 2
Daughter 3
Daughter 4
Source 1
16 John Netham : of the Cross Nether Bonsall,
Buried 1596
Born 1531 - age 60 in 1591
1558 Tithing man
juror for Frank pledge
1593 executor of John Knightley will
wife Margaret Knightley
4 Oct 1610 Widower
surrendered land to William Harding and Lucy
13 Dec 1610 seisin delivered to Wm Harding
Source 1
17 Henry Needeham; of Brampton, dated 1599
Probate: 3 June 1599
Source 1
18 Henrrici/Henry Netham of Derby date 1602
Admin : Aug 1602. John Darlson/, Edward H?, & John Naylor
Probate: 16 Sept 1602
son: Peter Netham
Thomas Netham
daughter: Elizabeth Netham
Isabell? Netham
Margesine Robot?
Dorothy hatreon?
Source 1
19 Ellen Needham : of Chesterfield; dated 1603
Brother Anthony
Source 1
20 Joan Needham/Nedham: widow, Castleton, date 12 July 1610
Inventory 20 July 1610
Proven: 28 Jan 1619 Lichfield
buried in Castleton; 7 Jan 1611
son; John Nedham
grandson: Thomas Brow
Executor: John Nedham
Source 6 & 7
21 Johanne Needham of Castleton
Proven: 8 Aug 1610
Mentions: Foljonmom
Difficult to read
Source 1
22 Hugh Needam: of Castleton, date 14 dec 1610
Inventory 2 Jan 1619
Proven: 10 Jan1619 Lichfield
buried in Castleton
brothers; Thomas Needam
James Needam
Ellis Needam
Richard Needam
sister: Agnes
daughters of Thomas; Barbara Needam
Elizabeth Needam
Margaret Needam
wife of Ellis: Joan Needam
Executors; Thomas Needam & Richard Needam
Source 6 & 7
23 John Nedham : gent, of Osmaston, date 24 Sept 1612
Inventory: 5 Oct 1611
Probate: 24 Sept 1612
wife Judith
sons: Marchmont Nedham
Thomas Nedham
sister in Law; Elen Leigh
cosen; Constance Sutton
niece Elin Kniveton w of ? Kniveton of Bradley
mentions: George Nedham ,gent,of Thornsett
Henry Nedham son & heir of George Nedham
source 7
24 Ralph Cleyworth/Cluworth of Chesterfield, butcher. Will dated …May 1612
proved 26 Sept 1612
Thomas Needham his servant
source 6
25 Gervase Needham: of Crompton in Parish of CAshbourne
Probate: 3 May 1614
Wife: Ellen Needham
Brothers: George Needham
Thurstan? Needham
Admin: William Needham, 18 May 1614
? Moone
Thomas Tomlingon
Robert ? Wi?bore
Source 1
26 Henry Needham: of Bonsall, date 12 May 1614
Proven 16 July 1614 Lichfield
Executor: Wife & son Thomas Needham
wife Margaret
Sons George
daughter Elizabeth
mentions: Henry Needham; godson
Source 7
27 John Needam ; of Castleton, date 8 April 1616
inventory 23 Feb 1615
Administration: 8 April 1616 Lichfield
wife: Ellen Needham
source 6 & 7
28 William Newsam of Chesterfield. Will dated 22 Sept 1617
proved 7 May 1618
executors; Edward Needham & John Fowler
Source 6
29 Richard Needham : of Castleton, date 1618
proven : 7th May 1618
Admin: Ellis Needham 4 May 1617
Mentions: Dorothea Needham
Elizabeth & Dorothea Needham
Eliz Needham ?
Robert Hall
difficult to read
Source 1
30 Edward Needham of Chesterfield, yeoman & tanner. Will dated 24 Agust 1619
proved 24 April 1620
Executors; Richard Milnes &John Fowler
wife Mary
sons Thomas
dau Alice Webster
brother George Needham
brother Peter Needham
sister Anne
sister Margaret Fowler
godson Robert Fowler son of sister Margaret
Peter Taylor
Aunt Clare
Joan maid
Peter Steere his man
Francis Hampson's wife
poor of Cheterfield
Source 6
31 Parnell Whithead , widow will dated 5 nov 1624
proved 27 Nov 1624
cloths at peter Needham's
cousin Elizabeth Needham
Ann Needham dau Peter Needham
cousin Peter Needham the younger
cousin George Needham
Elizabeth Pope servant of Peter Needham
Source 6
32 Thomas Nedham: of Greenfield, husbandman, 1626
Hannah Needham
George Needham
Source 1
33 Peter Needham : of Chesterfield, tanner, date 5 April 1627
proved: 6 Nov 1629
To be buried in Chesterfield parish church near where last wife buried
wife: Elizabetth
son: Peter
Edward (dead)
daughter: Ann Needham
sons of Edward: Thomas
wife of John Fowler: Margaret
wife of Thomas Downing: alice
Ralph Osland
wife of Francis Hampson: Isabel
wife of George Fowler: Mary
poor of Chesterfield
vicar of Chesterfield
maid servant
executors: wife Elizabeth & son Peter
Source 6
34 Andrew Needham : glover, of little Chester, Drbyshire, date 13 Aug 1629
Inventory: 3 Sept 1629
Proven; 7 Sept 1629
Buried St Alkmunds
brothers: Robert Needham of Great Longstone
Thomas Needham
Thurston Needham
George Needhan
my cozen'; Francis Needham son of brother Robert of Great Longstone
Mary Bakman wife of John, of Derby
Andrew Needham son of brother Thomas
unnamed daughter of brother Thurston Needham
Arthur Needham son of brother George Needham of St Werburgh Derby
John Needham
Robert Needham son of my cozen John Needham
Source 7
35 Richard Needam: husbandman, of Loosehill Castleton, date 1630
inventory: 12 March 1630
Administration: 23 March 1630, Lichfiield; Value £48 10s 6d
wife; Margaret of Looshill, Castleton
son: James of Loosehill, Castleton
mentions :Samuel Needham
appraiser: Nicholas Nedam
source 6 & 7
36 Thomas Needham: of Raikes Bank Bonsall, yeoman 3 Jan 1630/1
proven 8 jan 1631
Value £1000 6s 8d
wife Agnes
mentions: Edwardo?; believe it reads Edwardo who could be a son; need too see original
wife Agneta/Agnes ? Needham
mention Mary daughter of Robert Needham
Agneta? Needham who I believe could be his wife; need to see original
Source 1 & 7
37 Mary Needham; Derby, dated 14 May 1634
Probate: 18 Oct 1634
Brother in Law: Thomas Cotton
Elizabeth Hossowourd
need to look at in detail; difficult to read
Source 1
38 George NEEDHAM, - of Moniash, husbandman, about 6 Oct 1636. (N) 
Inventory: 11 Sept 1636
Proven 6 Oct 1636
He names his brother Arthur MOULD or HEALD eaine?, his sister Jane, his sister Ellen, Thomas NEEDHAM's children & John NEEEDHAM's children;   Alice GILMAN to have 2/-, Elizabeth GILMAN to have 12d;   the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable are to go to his brother Robert who is to be his sole executor. 
brother: Arthur (Needham)
Robert Needham
sister: Jane
John Needham's children (source 7 believes John is George's brother)
Witnesses: James GILMAN, --- GILMAN. 
Inventory made by: Thomas MORTEN, John MORTEN & Arthur HEALES?, in total £47-12-6d of which purse & apparel (£4-0-0d);   money (£40-0-0d);   sheep (£3-10-0d);   ---- (2-6d)
Source 3 & 7
39 George Needham: of Marston on Tutbury, dated 28 Dec 1636
Inventory: 14 dec 1637
Proven; 18 Dec 1637
debtorss: include George Nedam & Nicholas Needam
source 7
40 William Needham: of Nether Bonsall, yeoman, dated 3 Dec 1645
Inventory by Jno Needham inv 15 Sept 1659
proved 16 Aug 1661
dau Ann Shaw wife of William Shaw
dau Alice Needham
wife Elizabeth Needham (dau of Thos Smyth of waterfall Staffs, yeoman - not from ref 7)
Son: William Needham
wife Elizabeth Needham
executor: Elizabeth Needham
Source 1 & 7
41 Gilbert Webster , of Chesterfield, tanner. Will dated 29 May 1646
proved 16 Dec 1646
executor; Elizabeth wife
inventory: Geo. Youle, Godfrey Webster, tanner, Godfrey Webster, butcher 7 Thomas Needham
to be buried in Chesterfield church
son Francis Webster
grandson John Webster
son Gilbert webster
son William Webster
son Raphe Webster
son Nicholas Webster
daughter Ann Tilly
Richard Tilly son of dau Ann
daughter Elizabeth Webster
Elizabeth dau Geoffrey webster
Cousin: Mary Heathcott
Cousin: Thomas Needham
42 Othowill/Otwell Needham: dated 1647
Brother : Thomas Needham
Source 1
43 Thomas Needham; of Derby
Probate: 8 Oct 1647
Admin: Oct 1647, Value £45 11s 2d
Wife: Jane Needham
Daughter?: Jane Burton, widow
William Marlodge?
Daughter: Jane Needham
Son?: Harry Needham
Daughter: Mary Needham
? Needham, apothocary
Anne of Chelmorton
Son in Law: Robert Mon?
Needs to be checked
44 Anthony Needham: of Youlgreave late of Winster, yeoman, 31 Dec 1647
Probate: 22 Mar 1647/8 .
Wife Jane of Winster,
Source 5
45 Robert Needham: of Peak Forest, husbandman , date 27 Nov 1647
buried Chappel en le Frith
executor: Mary Needham
inventory 13 Oct 1649
proven 26 Oct 1649
son: Robert
wife: Mary
Source 6
46 George Needham: of Youlgreave, date 17 Apr 1648
Proven: 22 Nov 1648
Admin: ? May 1648, value £43 4s 4d
Wife Mary
Brother John Needham of Youlgreave
Sister in Law Anne Mos...?
Nephew George Roberts?
Servant Anne ..thro...?
mentions: George Woodroose?
George .....?, godson
Francis Harrison?
Executor: Mary Needham (wife)
Source 1&5
47 Thoms Needum(Needam): of Castleton Derbyshire, yeoman, 29 Oct 1657
Proven: 22 Feb 1658 London
wife Ellinor
brother: Nicholas
sister; Alice m ? Burton
Marrgaret m ? Marshall wife of Francis Marshall, husbandman Castleton; will 24 jan 1667
sister m Wilson
nephew: Robert Needum f James
Robert Wilson m ?
mentions: James Needum 'my kinsman'
executor wife Ellinor
Source 7
48 William Needham; yeoman, of Parwich, date 20 May 1659
inventory: 10 Aug 1663
probate 10 Aug 1663
wife; Anne
source 7
49 Henry Needham: of Derby, dated 1665
Daughter: Jane
Son: Thomas
Friends: number mentioned
Source 1
50 Robert Needham: yeoman, of Great Longstone, dated 23 Mar 1665
Inventory 18 May 1665
Prove 18 May 1665
buried Great Longston
sister Jane ( wife of Jole and two children) of Castleton
brother: Arthur Needham of Sheldon; miner
niece; Mary Needham dau of Arthur
nephew: Arthur Needham junior, of Sheldon
Nephew: Daniel Needham, Great Longston
source 6 & 7
51 Edward Needham: of Bonsall, yeoman, made 22 Aug 1675;
proven 22 Oct 1675 Lichfield
Executor George Needham
son Adam Needham;
George Needham
dau Mary Holehouse w James Holehouse
Mentions John Holehouse son of James/Mary
Mary Holehouse dau of James/Mary
Sarah Holehouse dau of James/Mary
Witnesses: Margaret Bestall, James Woodiwis.
Source 1 & 7
52 Elizabeth Needham: of Darley Dale; made 2nd May 1677
beneficiary: Elizabeth Nutall
53 John Needham: of Youlgreave admin 5 May 1680
inventory: 22 Jan 1679
buried 17 Jan 1679
wife?: Ellen Needham
John Needham
Source 6
54 William Needham ; of Counters Cliff, Hartington,
admin 2 May 1680
inventory 07/02/1687
owes Robert Needham
Inventory: Edward Needham
Mentions: Dorothy Needham
Goldfrey Needham
Ralphe Needham
Robert Needham, owed
Source 4
55 Rowland Needham: of Castletton, husbandman, date 17 Feb 1681
inventory 3 March 1682
proven 6 June 1682
wife: Mary Needham
son: Richard Needham
grandchild: Anne Needham
son: Robert Needham
Edward Needham
dau: Dorothy Needham
Ellen Needham
son in law; John Green
Anthony Hill
Executor: Maary Needham
Source 6
56 John Needham: of Perry Forest, dated 24 Feb 1682
proven: 1682
mother: alive
step father; George Greensmith
eldest son: Ellis
wife: Joane
second son: Robert
dau: Mary
dau: Margaret
youngest son Thomas Needum
Source 6
57 Jane Needham : spinster, of Chesterfield, 1682
Executor; Alice Ward, sister
Sisters in Law; Rebecca Needham, widow, wife of brother Henry Needham, shearman
Mary Needham, widow, wife of brother Thomas Needham of Derby, shearman
Sisters: Mary Jackson, wife of Isaac Jackson, Derby, Webster
Alice Ward, wife of Henry Ward, Chesterfield
Children of Mary Jackson: Henry, Samuel & William wife of Isaac Jackson
Children of Alice Ward; Mary & William;wife of Henry Ward of Chesterfield
Source 1
58 Robert Needham: Perry, Peak Forest, yeoman, date 24 Feb 1683
wife: Joan Needham
eldest son: Ellis Needham
son: Robert Needham, lands near Wormhull/Tideswell
daughter: Mary
youngest son: Thomas Needham
executors: George Greensmith, Ellis Needham
Source 1
59 George Needham : of Great Hucklow, date 17 Nov 1683
Inventory; 6 Dec 1683
Probate: 7 Feb 1684
son: Thomas Neeedham ( Wife Elizabeth; children Thomas bap 1696 at Hope & William bap 1700 at Hope)
William Needham ( Wife Ann Bowman of Great Hucklow)
George Needham ( wife Ann; children Robert bap 1676, homas bap 1688)
( father: William Needham of great Hucklow0
source 7
60 Edward Needham: of Chesterfield, 1683
Executor; Alice Needham, wife
Inventory: Edrus ? Needham
Wife; Alice Needham
mentions: Edrus? Needham
Source 1
61 George NEEDHAM, of Moniash, 1685. (Ad) 
Inventory only; 25 Sept 1686
L/A: 29 Oct 1686
the Admin for the estate of George NEEDHAM of Moniash was granted to Mary(X) NEEDHAM, his widow & Richard NAYLOR at Bakewell on 29 Oct 1685. 
Inventory: to the value of £13-10-02d was made by Thomas NEWTON, James NAILOR & Edward NEEDHAM, on 25 Sep 1686
wife: Mary
appraiser; one of the appraisors is Edward Needham
Source 3 & 7
62 Thomas Needham: of Chesterfield, 1685
Inventory only. No relatives can be identified
Source 1
63 NEEDHAM , Ralph - of Stadon (nr Buxton), parish of Bakewell, 15 Feb 1685.
[described in his inventory as a yeoman]
This will does not have a very logical approach. He wishes to be buried with his ancestors, in the ground in the church or chappell at Chelmorton;   he then starts by leaving lots of household goods that are in the house, parlour & chamber at Stadon to his son & "heir apparent" Ralph who is to pay his sister Mary £25 when he becomes 21;   next he leaves his messuages & buildings in the fields around Stadon & Cowdale i/t/p Bakewell & Foxlow i/t/p Hartington to the said Ralph;   then he leaves "his friend" ffrancis NEEDHAM all his messuage in Buxton called "Willshatts? House" along with buildings, barns, stables & smithy "now in the hands of widdow HADFIELD";   he gives to his youngest son Edward NEEDHAM his half of the messuage, buildings &c. bought betwixt him & his brother ffrancis NEEDHAM from Mr. MOOREWOOD of Bakewell lying in Buxton;   his daughter Mary is to have the sum of ------- & fifteen pounds now in the hands of Thomas EYRE of Hassop;   his wife Sarah is to have the remainder provided she remains "solo", but if she remarries this is to be divided among his four children[1];   he "abates" 40/- of rent that Robert LONGDEN owes for the land holds at Stadon.[2] 
Executors:  brother ffrancis NEEDHAM & his nephew Humphrey NEEDHAM.[3] 
Witnesses:  George GOODWIN,   Edward CLAYTON (whose mark is an E lying face down),   & William HEATHCOTE. 
Inventory made by:  John BUXTON, yeoman of Chelmorton,   George GOODWIN, yeoman of Cowdale,   Hugh BROCKLEHURST, husbandman, of Burbage,   & Thomas MOREWOOD, yeoman of Fairfield on 23 Feb 1685/6.[4]
There is a whole sheet that is unreadable that is dated 13 Apr 1686, signed in the manner of a probate grant by Thomas WILSON sur. at Bakewell. He was buried at Chelmorton 20 Feb 1685/6. 
Transcriber's Notes  [1] I can only account for 3 children named in the will - Ralph, Mary & Edward.
[2] This land is just S. of the old Buxton field system, about 1,200ft above sea-level on the lime-stone plateau with very few trees. It is separated by the Buxton to Ashbourne road. Staden is easy to place but Foxlow more widespread.
[3] It does not say whose son Humphry is or if ffrancis NEEDHAM, "my friend" is the same person as ffrances NEEDHAM my brother.
[4] He seems to have had a comfortable life style. The inventory accounted for £153-00-04d. The assessors appear to have had to travel around to account for goods & stock in various locations. They do not list furniture by room but there was 1 bedstock worth £1-10-0d & an abundance of bedding & plenty of cooking appliances. There is linen cloth & woolin yarn worth &1-10-0d. Even though it is 23rd Feb there is still 14/- of wheat, barley & malt. He has boards & wheels. He has 118 sheep worth £23, & cattle in three separate places worth £18, £8-10-0d & £4, hens & a rooster 6/-, 2 oxen £10, a mare, bridle & saddle £5. Money is owed to him by only three people - Robert SWINDELL? £8-10-0d, Geeorge LONGDEN of Stadon £6, & William SMITH of Cowlow £6.
64 John Needham : yeoman, of Bonsall
inventory 25 May 1687
proven: 2 June 1687 at Lichfield
daughter Joan (only child) wife of Henry Leeke of Bonsall
Source 7
65 Ellen Needham: widow, Castleton, date 22 March 1687; foundburial 3 Apr 1687 w of Thomas, Castleton
inventory: 11 April1687
proven: 13 April 1687
buried 3 Apr 1687 uxor Thomas Needham
mentions: Elizabeth Needham
s Edmund Robert Needham
Edmund Needham
Executor: Thomas Bennett the elder
Source 6 & 7
66 William Needham of Burslem; 16 Dec 1687
Proven 10 Oct 1688
Wife: Isabel
Brother: Andrew Needham, husbandman, late of Chelmorton
Brother in Law: Ralph Heathcote, husbandman, Middle Cliffe, Hartington
Niece: Margaret, spinster dau Andrew Needham
Niece: Alice Needham; dau Ralph Heathcote
Nephew: Thomas Heathcote: son Ralph Heathcote
Rowland Heathcote; son ralph Heathcote
Nephew; Thomas Salt: husbandman, of Hollins near Longnor
William Salt son of Thomas Salt
Source 7
67 Alice Needham: widow, of Chesterfield, 1689
Executor: Thomas Needham, son
Sons; Thomas Needham
Job Needham
Daniel Needham
daughters; Alice
source 1
68 William Needham of Counterscliff 1689
Inventory only; 7 Feb 1688
l/A 2 May 1689
Mentions debt owed by Robert Needham
Inventory taken by Edward Needham & William Lomas
Creditors; Dorothy Needham, Goldfrey Needham, Ralphe Needham & Thomas Hoyde
Debtor Robet Needham
Source 4 & 7
69 William Needham of Hartington or Fairfield, 25 Jan 1689
Proven 1714
To be bured at Fairfield
Brother Thomas (already buried at Fairfield
Brother Joseph
Signs himself 'Needom'
Witnesses: Robert Janior Thomas Gardner
Source 1 & 7
70 Joan Leeke ne Needham (dau John Needham d 1687) : of Bonsall
proven 24 Apr 1693
son Henry Leeke
Source 7
1. NGN transcribed – poorly ; CK - Charles Kelham assisted in transcription
3. Derbyshire Probate Records, a collection of abstracts begun by Rosemary Lockie in November 1999:
4. Supplied by Lynn ( she knows who she is) from records at Derbyshire Archives, Matlock
6. Bagshaw collection; D7676 Bag 3361B, Derbyshire Archives, Matlock; Transcribed by Thomas Ashby Needham
7. Thomas Ashby Needham Archived work John Rylands Library Manchester

Updated 26 Nov 2018


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