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Wills - Derbyshire

Wills - Derbyshire 1750 to 1799

update 10 May 2017
112 Mary Needham: of The Hague, Stavely, date 23 may 1752
proven: 15 Oct 1761
dau: Ann Searsay wife of Robert Searsay of Eckington
Executor; Ann Searsay
Source 6
113 Eliza Needham: of Derby, dated 9 Nov 1752
Proven: 5th Apr 1753
Daughter: Anna Needham
Elizabeth Needham (spinster)
Executor: Anna Needham
Source 1
114 Joshua Needham: of Derby
Probate: 5 Apr 1753
died intestate
Appeared: Anna Needham, Derby, spinster
Samuel Horrocks, Derby, gentleman
Benjamin Ward, Lichfield, yeoman
Daughter: Anna Needham
Widow: Elizabeth Needham
Source 1
115 George NEEDHAM, of fflag [Flagg], husbandman, 31 Dec 1753.
Executor: his wife Anne.[1] Anne to inherit everything but is to pay to his relations William NEEDHAM snr. & William NEEDHAM jnr. both of Chelmorton 1/- apiece. 
Witnesses: Ruth COATES,   Thos. FROGGATT,   Rich. WEBSTER. 
Inventory: to the value of £16/12/0d made on 11 Nov 1758 by William GOODWIN,   Thomas BURDIKIN,   & Ephraim BLACKDEN.
He was buried at Chelmorton 7 Nov 1758. 
Probate granted at Bakewell 18 May 1759. 
Note: [1] Anne was née DICKEN married at Chelmorton 1 Jan 1724
Source 3
116 Thomas Needham of Fern House 1755
Will Inventory
Nephews Joseph Robert Thomas John Francis –sons of brother William Needham
Nephew William Needham
Neices Sarah Goodwin Alice Needham Hannah Needham
Executors ?? Lomas of Hazlinghouses William Needham
Witnesses Francis Needham Ales Needham George Lomas
Inventory taken be Henry Lomas George Lomas
Source 4
117 Mary Webster: of Chamber, Peak Forest, date 29 jan 1756
proven 1756
sister: Hannah Needham, wife of Robert needham of Perryfoot
Ellis Needham
Mary Bower of Shatton
Widow Robert Needhamf Robert Needham of perryfoot
Samuel Needham: f Robert Needham of Perryfoot
Hannah Needham f Robert Needham of Perryfoot
John Needham:f Robert Needham of Perryfoot
Grace Needham: f robert Needham of Shatton
Martha Needham: f Robert Needham of Shaatton
Source 6
118 William Needham of Fern House 1756
Will Probate
Mentions brothers & sisters: Joseph Thomas John Ffrancis Robert Alice Hannah Sarah Goodwin
Debt owed by Dorothy Needham of Turncliff
Executors Ffrancis Needham Edward Needham
Witnesses Ralph Needham Samuel Wright
Probate to Ffrancis Needham Edward Needham
(note: this must be a different Edward to the Edward of Turncliffe as he had died the previous year)
Source 4
119 John Needham: yeoman of Great Hucklow, dated 3 feb 1739? Shoul be 1759?
Inventory; 13 April 1758
Porbate 21 oct 1758
father: William Needham
wife mary hewson
father in law: Edward Hewson
nephew: Joshua Needham
source 7
120 Luke Needham: of Chaddesden, dated 25 July 1759
Probate: 27 Apr 1762
Son: Benjamin Needham
Luke Needham
Daughter: Anne Woodhouse
Frances Whitehall
Executor: son Benjamin Needham
Source 1
121 Thomas Needham : of Derby, Gentleman, date 16 Jan 1761
Probate 13 Oct 1761
Wife Ann Needham
Son in law: Moses Hudson
Daughter: ? Hudson ne Needham - dead
Ellen Needham (only daughter)
Executor: Ellen Needham (daughter)
Source 1
122 Ann Needham : of Derby, dated 8 Dec 1761
died: Dec 1763, buried St Alkmund
husband: Thomas
Source 1
123 Ellen Needham: of St Alkmund, Derby
Proven: 29 jan 1762
Spinster, died intestate 14 days prior to 23 Jan 1762
reported to the hearling by Broom representing by Edward Sabin Gentleman of Ashby de La Zouch
his client is Uncle & next of kin of deceased
Edward Sabin gentleman and Sampson Harkoff of Sam? Place, plumber & Henry Byard of Burton
bond £100
Admin to Edward Sabin on 26th jan 1762
Source 1
124 Dorothy Needham of Turncliffe 1766
Admin to Ralph Needham Joseph Needham
Source 1
125 Alice Needham of Fern House 1768
Probate: 1768
Brothers: Francis, Robert, Thomas, & John
Sister Sarah Goodwin
Niece Sarah Longden
Executor Francis Needham
Witnesses William Bennett Robert Longden
Probate to Francis Needham. (note: two of Alice's brothers had a daughter Sarah so not sure which one married Robert Longden. This will be the same Sarah Longden who was main beneficiary in will of Josph N of Turncliffe in 1777)
Source 4
126 Samuel Needham of Calver buried Baslow, 27 Aug 1770
Probate 1774
Samuel b 1700 f Abraham bap Baslow
Sons: William Needham of London
Samuel Needham of Leeds
Sister; Elizabeth Law ne Needham of Chesterfield
Wife: Ester? (Easter)
Source 1
127 Robert Needham: of Perryfoot, yeoman, date 24 Jan 1770
proven: 8 June 1772
sons: john Needham
Robert Needham
Ellis Needham
Samuel Needham
dau. Hannah Champion wife of John Champion
mary Bower
Executors: Samuel Needham
John Needham
source 6
128 Jacob/James Needham of Brightgate, Bonsall; 9 Jun 1771
Inventory: 13 Oct 1771
Proven: 15 Oct 1772
son: John Needham
daughter: Hannah Needham
Source 1&7
129 William Needham: of Perryfoot, Gent, date 26 Sept 1774
proved 1774
wife: Sarah Needham
son; Robert Needham
Elias Needham
Jasper Needham
William Needham
brother: Robert Needham
Samuel Needham
executors: Sarah Needham
Robert Needham
Samuel Needham
Source 6
130 George Needham of Eckington, dated 27 Mar 1774
Probate granted: 13 Oct 1774
Wife: Esth:er Needham
Daughters:Elizabeth Rotherham (eldest)
Sarah Needham (youngest)
Son: George Needham
Executors: Esther Needham (wife) & George Needham (son)
Source 1
131 George Needham: of Derby
Admin: 18 Jan 1777
20 Dec 1776, Joseph Needham, son, given authority to admin his late fathers will which was intestate
31 Dec 1777, granted admin of George's estate
132 Joseph Needham: of Turncliffe, husbandman, 1776/77
Will dated 10/1/1776 mentions:
"unto Sarah Longden the wife of Rob Longden all that Cottage situate at Dog hole in the Parish of Hartington upper Quarter ... now in the Occupation of John Brown"
"also do give the said Sarah Longen One Hundred Pounds ... she paying to my Brother Cornelius Needham of Hartington the Interest"
"to Joseph Needham the son of Ralph and Sarah Needham the sum of Ten Pounds to put him to a Trade"
"to Robert Needham [Destibles] Liverpool the sum of Forty Pounds"
"to John Naden of Brand End One Guinea"
"Robert Longden of Countesscliffe and Robert Needham of Liverpool Executors"
Witnesses: Ralph Needham, Henery [Coats]
Probate granted 14/8/1777 to Robert Longden, reserving a power for Robert Needham
Source: 2
133 Francis Needham , of the Fearn House in Hartington Upper Quarter, husbandman, 1784/1803; Will dated 21/2/1784
"my nephew Joseph Needham my brother's son"
"my nephew William Needham"
"Sarah Needham" (niece? Ref 4)
"my brother Thomas's daughter namely Susannah Foxlow"
"my other niece Nancy Woodd her sister"
"my eldest sister's son, namely William Goodwin of ... Taxall in Cheshire"
Executors: "my nephew William Goodwin ... my other nephew William Needham"
Witnesses: William Sleigh, Elizabeth Sleigh & Elijah Sleigh
Probate granted 3/12/1803 to "William Goodwin the surviving executor
Source 2 &4
134 Richard NEEDHAM of Flagg, in the parish of Bakewell, innholder, 11 Apr 1786.
his wife[1] is to have the use of his "estate" for the rest of her natural life & then it is to go to his son Joseph;   his son Richard is to have £10, his daughter Mary 50/- & his daughter Elizabeth 50/- 12mths after his death. 
Witnesses: Joseph HOLMES,   Thomas CRITCHLOW,   & Thomas HOULMES.
He was buried at Chelmorton 14 Apr 1786. 
Probate granted at Bakewell to his wife Mary the sole exec. 
Note: [1] Mary was née SWANN of Priestcliffe, married 7 May 1746.
Source 3
135 Joshua Needham: yeoman, of great Hucklow; date 11 April 1789
Inventory: none
Prob: 31 mar 1791
wife Mary Needham
Son; William needham
Daughters: Mary Barnsley(?) ( wife of George, yeoman) of Bradwell
Ann Webster wife of John, yeoman, of Hucklow
Sarah Baker wife of John, hosier, of Litton
Martha Smedley wife of Jos, yeoman, of Youlgreave
Source 7
136 Elias Needham of Chesterfield; portrait painter; date 22 April 1790
Died intestate: 8 Apr 1790
Wife: Sarah
Source 1
137 Robert Needham : of Chesterfield, Confectioner; dated 15 Nov 1792
Probate: 25 Apr 1783
Owned and leased land and property in Chesterfield & Alton in Ashover parish
Wife Elizabeth Needham
sons: Thomas
Executor: Elizabeth Needham (wife)
Source 1
138 Lazarus Needham; of Portlocks in parish of Findern, farrmer
Probate: 11 Feb 1792, Value £2000
Wife: Mary Needham
Nephew: John Needham of Etwall, butcher
Lazarus needham of Portlocks
Nieces: Ann wife of Samual Bashaw of Finern, mason
Sarah wife of Joseph Clows of Findern
Landlord: Sir Henry Harpur
Nephew: Joseph Glover
neighbours: Mr William Dothink of Willington
Mr Thomas West of Twyford
Executor: Joseph Glover
Mary Needham granted probate
Mary Needham widow Findern & Elizabeth Glover widow bond £4000
Source 1
139 Benjamin Needham; of Chaddesden, dated 10 Oct 1797
Son?: Luke, age 7
Source 1
140 Benjamin Needham: Late of Chadesden Derbyshire, under £100; 1797
Executor/Administrator: Luke Needham
Leaves all personal estate to Luke Needham Nixon - nephew. In trust to pay annuity to 3 nieces Ann, Elizabeth & Mary Nixon
Source 1
141 George NEEDHAM, of Ridgend, Staffordshire, husbandman, 16 Apr 1797.
brother Joseph £100 & wearing apparel;   Ellin BOUMFORD (wife of Joseph BOUMFORD), £1-1-0d & the residue of his effects;   his brothers, sisters & brother-in-law Richard CHARLESWORTH are to share & share alike the remainder;   on another sheet of paper, not numbered or witnessed but possibly in the same handwriting someone is making provision for their sister Elizabeth GODINS. 
Executor: Joseph NEEDHAM of Sprink & William HORROBIN of Crowdicote. 
Witnesses: Henry F(R?)OGG  [Ed: probably FOGG]  & Benjamin HORROBIN. 
Probate Cheadle 2 May 1805.
Source: 2
142 Samuel Needham dated 1 May 1797; Under £600
Late of Hackley Lane Derbyshire
BELIEVE It is Hackney Lane - near Darley Dale
Excecutor/Administrator: Joshua Lingard of Blackwell Derbyshire
Leaves all his real eestate situated on Hackley Lane to Joshua Lingard & all his personal estate to be sold and with moneies purchase an annuity of £10 pa for Ann Bainbridge for her life
Also £600 to Hannah Brown Tideswell, Derbyshire
Source 1
143 William Needham: of Hurley Cliff, Eckington, date 9 Aug 1799
Probate: 17 Apr 1800
Daughter: Ann Needham
Son: William Needham
John Needham
Wife: Ann Needham
Executors: Ann Needham (wife), John Needham (son), John Whitehead, John Wakefield
Source 1



1. NGN transcribed – poorly
3. Derbyshire Probate Records, a collection of abstracts begun by Rosemary Lockie in November 1999:
4. Supplied by Lynn ( she knows who she is) from records at Derbyshire Archives, Matlock
6. Bagshaw collection; D7676 Bag 3361B, Derbyshire Archives, Matlock; Transcribed by Thomas Ashby Needham
7. Thomas Ashby Needham Archived work John Rylands Library Manchester



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