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Index Baptism Death Marriage
Needham Dorothy Darley Darley John Dawkin Darley 01/01/1541
 Needam Charles 2 May 1693 Thomas, & Anne Beeley,Derby,England
Need base Needham Elizabeth 21/09/1540 Darley;  dau Oottwell Needham NN
Need base Needham Elizabeth 20/09/1557 Darley w Ottewell
Need base Needham Thurston 17/11/1558 Darley;  as tristan in tree
Need base Needham Edward 25/08/1562 Darley;  As Edmund in tree
Needham Margerie Darley Darley Anthony Wendsley Darley 01/01/1562
Needham Bridget 26/03/1563 Darley
Needham Richard 25/05/1581 Darley;  son Otwell
Darley Needham George George 09/07/1588 Darley Needham George jnr 05/08/1588 Darley
  Needham Thomas   Needham Thomas 09/04/1660 Darley    
  Smith Grace   DD Needham Grace 29/05/1645 Bank, Darley 50   w Thomas   Needham Thomaas Darley Darley Grace Smith Darley 10/11/1630  
  Allen Elizabeth   Will[1]   Needham Elizabeth 1677 darley   Needham Thomas Darley Darley Elizabeth Allen Darley 31/07/1645  
Darley   Needham John 26/04/1646   Thomas & Elizabeth  (Allen) Bank   b 31/07/1645; bap Darley Bank   Darley   Needham John 04/05/1646 Darley   f Thomas    
Darley   Needham Thomas   Thomas   Needham Thomas 29/07/1667 Darley infant   f Thomas    
Darley   Needham Elizabeth 27/06/1647   Thomas & Elizabeth  (Allen)   b 31/07/1645; bap Darley   Darley    
Needham Mary Bonsall Darley James Sellars Bonsall 04/03/1663
  Needham William    
    Elizabeth?   Needham Elizabeth 24/05/1669 Darley   w William    
Darley   Needham Mary 09/01/1656   William & Eliabeth? Bonsall   Darley    
Needham Widdow 22/03/1677 Darley ye Moore
  Needham Thomas    
Darley   101 Needam Charles 2 May 1693   Beeley,Derby,England Thomas, & Anne    
Darley   Needam Hannah  12 May 1695   Beeley,Derby,England Thomas, & Anne    
Darley   Needham Robert    
Darley   Grace   Needham Grace 18 March 1698/9 Darley   JDANHS V20/1    
Darley   Needham Rich 18 Aug 1695   Rob & Grace Darley   Needom[2] Rich 1706[3] Darley    
Darley   Needom   1698   Darley   JDANHS V20/1    
Darley   Needam ? 1699   Darley   JDANHS V20/1    
Darley   Needam child 1705   Rob Darley   JDANHS V20/1    
  Needham John   Needham John Chesterfield Darley Ann Dunn Prosbury Cheshire/Darley 30/09/1706  
  Dunn Ann    
Darley   Needham Robert 09/04/1708   John & Ann (Dunn) Toadhole   Darley    
  101 Charles Needam   2 May 1693   Thomas, & Anne Beeley,Derbyshire     
  Calton Sarah     bpr   Needham Charles Bakewell Bakewell Sarah Calton Beeley 19/08/1726  
Darley   Needham Thomas 26/12/1727 101 Charles Beeley   Darley   Needham Thomas 11/01/1728 Beeley   f Charles; Darley    
Needham Hannah Bonsall Darley Elizah Willgoose Darley 14/09/1772
  Needham Robert   Needam Robert Darley Darley Mary Longdin Darley 01/01/1773  
  Longdin Mary    
Darley Darley Dale 1   Needham George 07/11/1773   Robert & Mary(Longdin) Darley    
Darley Darley Dale 1   Needham Elizabeth 11/02/1776   Robert & Mary(Longdin) Darley    
Darley Darley Dale 1   Needham Joseph 02/01/1780   Robert & Mary(Longdin) Darley    
Needham Margaret Darley Darley James Allen Darley 27/12/1791
  Needham John    
Darley worm 2   Needham Ann 02/09/1801   John & Olive Darley    
Darley worm 2   Needham Hannah 17/07/1803   John & Olive Darley    
Darley worm 2   Needham Martha 13/01/1806   John & Olive Darley    
Needham George 05/11/1887 Wensley age 25 1862 South Darley; ;killed in explosion
Needham Janet Mary 19/09/1894 Old Hackney Lane age 2m 1894 Darley
Needham Ernest Goodwin 18/11/1894 South Darley age 9 South Darley
Needham Ann 13/05/1896 Hackney Lane age 59 1837 w George; Darley
Needham Dorothy Elizabeth 12/08/1900 Old Hackney Lane age 4m 1900 Darley
Needham Mary Ellen 19/12/1901 Darley Hillside age 39 1862 Darley
Needham George 29/04/1903 Hackney Lane age 71 1832 Darley;  m Hannah from Ashover
Needham Lydia Dore 02/04/1903 Hackney Lane age 9m 1902 Darley
Needham Joseph 06/02/1904 South Darley age 69 1835 South Darley
Needham Ann 27/10/1914 South Darley age 75 1839 South Darley
Needham Lydia 28/09/1915 South Darley age 50 1865 South Darley
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b=born   occupation - of father  
bef=before   tree - tree number  
f=father   who - links individuals in families
m=mother   Darley Dale 1 = Darley Dale 1 family tree
fs/IGI=Family Search/IGI   worm 2 = Wormhill 2 family tree
w = wife of        

Nigel Needham:
Elizabeth Needham widow 1677 Darley
leaves all to Elizabeth Nutall?
Nigel Needham:
or Needam
Nigel Needham:
Between Lady Day & forst day of August < 1706