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who = link between fathers and children
Baptism Death Marriage
Needham Egidy < 1599
Needham Joanna < 1608
Needham Thomas  < 1617 bpr Needham Thomas 16/03/1637 bpr Needham Thomas Bakewell Lowe Ruthanna Bakewell 22/11/1635
bpr Needham William Bakewell Newton Hellen Bakewell 01/02/1624
  Needham Eqidy      
bpr   Needham William 04/12/1625 1101 Egidy  Bakewell   bpr   Needham William 13/06/1691      
bpr   Needham William 14/11/1619 1101 Egidy Bakewell   bpr   Needham William 10/01/1620   f Egidy      
bpr   Needham son 10/12/1620 1101 Egidus Bakewell   bpr   Needham John 30/10/1629   f Egidy      
bpr   Needham Maria 07/09/1623 1101 Egidy Bakewell   bpr   Needham Maria 07/06/1633      
bpr Needham Joanna 27/12/1628 1102 Joanna Bakewell
bpr Needham Jane 23/03/1654 of Rowsley
bpr Needham John Bakewell Bagshaw Grace Bakewell 25/02/1633
bpr Needham John Bakewell Heathcote Elizabeth Bakewell 07/12/1637
bpr Needham George Bakewell Robinson Anna Bakewell 02/07/1638
  Needham Thomas  < 1614   bpr   Needham Thomas 01/05/1658   bpr   Needham Thomas Bakewell   Lowe Ruthanna Bakewell 22/11/1635      
  Lowe Ruthanna < 1614      
bpr   Needham John 26/02/1637 1103 Thomas Needham Bakewell   bpr   Needham John 23/09/1638   f Thomas      
bpr Needham George Bakewell Chapman Elizabeth Bakewell 25/08/1664
bpr Needham Martin Gt Longstone Sarah Bakewell 03/09/1670
bpr Needham Edward 20/07/1675
  Needham Arthur       bpr   Needham Arthur 03/05/1685 heldon      
  Mary       bpr   Needham Mary 25/04/1684 Sheldon   (W) Arthur      
  Plant Jane       bpr   Needham Arthur Sheldon   Plant Jane Flagg 01/07/1684      
bpr CHEL Needham Richard Flagge Goodwin Deborah Monyash 17/06/1714
bpr Needham Charles Bakewell Calton Sarah Beeley 19/08/1726
bpr Needam John 10/02/1744 a pauper
bpr Needam Joshuah Gt Hucklow Wyld Ann Bakewell 19/04/1744
bpr chel Needham Charles Bakewell Bradbury Elizabeth Bakewell 18/05/1758
bpr Needham Joseph Bakewell Naylor Elizabeth Bakewell 14/04/1763
bpr chel Needham John Chelmorton Swann Sarah Pressley 29/12/1763
bpr Needham Thomas Bakewell Micock Mary Bakewell 03/07/1766
bpr chel Needham William Chelmorton Ingleby Elizabeth Chelmorton 03/07/1774
bpr Needham Thomas Monyash Smith Dorothy Monyash 09/06/1783
bpr chel Needham Joseph Flagg Dawson Mary Chelmorton 23/02/1792
bake NEEDHAM Thomas < 1775     Tailor   bpr bake Needham Thomas 10/09/1800   1800 tailor   bpr bake Needham Thomas Bakewell   Glossop Ann Bakewell 06/02/1786      
  GLOSSOP Ann < 1775 1104       bpr bake Needham Ann 27/06/1824   age 62 1762      
bake Needham Ann 24/09/1795 1104 Thomas & Ann Bakewell   bpr bake Needham Ann 15/04/1881   age 86 1795  
bpr   bake Needham George 03/05/1786 1104 Thomas & Ann Bakewell      
bake Needham John 02/04/1790 1104 Thomas & Ann Bakewell   bpr bake Needham John 21/01/1855   age 64 1791   Ann      
bake Needham Joseph 25/09/1798 1104 Thomas & Ann Bakewell   bpr bake Needham Joseph 15/12/1834   age 36 1798   Deborah      
bpr   bake Needham Sarah 30/01/1788 1104 Thomas & Ann Bakewell   bpr bake Needham Sarah Bakewell   Palfreyman Thomas Ashford 08/02/1808      
bpr   bake Needham Thomas 06/04/1793 1104 Thomas & Ann Bakewell   Apprentice Sheffield 1805[1]   Needham Thomas Bakewell   Ann Stavely   from 1861 census living in Sheffield      
bpr CHEL Needham John Flagg Needham Elizabeth Tideswell 15/01/1798
chel Needham William < 1782   cordwainer widower in chel tree   bpr CHEL Needham William Bakewell   Marsden Hannah Bakewell 12/07/1802      
bpr   Needham Esther[2]   1105 (f) William   bpr   Needham Esther 25/10/1811   (f) William cordwainer widower 1811      
bpr chel/mon Needham Thomas Monyash Eyre Mary Ashford 01/05/1803
Needham Samuel Monyash Hawley Mary Monyash 05/01/1813
bpr chel Needham Richard Flagg Hulme Nancy Alstonfields 15/04/1813
bpr chel Needham George Chelmorton Robinson Mary Chelmorton 04/04/1814
Needhem William Bakewell Rote Sarah Bakewell 15/09/1814
  Needham Ann bef 1796      
bpr   bake Needham William 19/01/1817 1106 Ann Bakewell spinster   bpr bake Needham William 13/09/1817   age 8m  1817 (f) Ann; spurious      
bpr   bake Needham Ann 18/10/1824 1106 Ann Bakewell spinster      
bpr   bake Needham Harriet 26/01/1834 1106 Anne Bakewell spinster      
bpr   bake Needham Henry 22/06/1827 1106 Ann Bakewell spinster      
bpr   bake Needham Joseph 06/08/1830 1106 Anne Bakewell spinster   bpr bake Needham Joseph 09/12/1888   age 58  1830 unmarried      
  Needham Joseph bef 1806      
    Deborah bef 1806 1107   bpr   Needham Samuel Hartle   Thornhill Elizabeth Hartle 06/02/1826      
bpr   bake Needham Marianne 21/06/1827 1107 Joseph & Deborah   labourer      but others either have the name of the place or may refer to different  
     Parish Registers eg if the first two characters are MT the parents were 
  Needham John bef 1806      
    Ann bef 1806 1108   bpr bake Needham Ann 02/05/1858   age 54 1804      
bpr   bake Needham Thomas Henry 01/04/1832 1108 John & Ann   labourer   bpr bake Needham Thomas Henry 07/05/1879   age 47 1832   bpr bake Needham Thomas Henry Bakewell   Mellor Mary Hannah Bakewell 18/06/1860 tailor f ? & Isaac(lab)      married in Matlock, CR for Crich, AV for Ashover .  
bpr   bake Needham Elizabeth 11/04/1827 1108 John &  Anne   labourer   bpr bake Needham Elizabeth 16/04/1827   infant 1827      
bpr   bake Needham George 16/08/1828 1108 John & Ann   labourer   bpr bake Needham George 18/08/1828   infant 1828   which indicates that the father lived in North Wingfield and the Mother  in
Ashover at the time of the wedding.
bpr chel Needham James Chelmorton Holmes Eliza Sheldon 19/12/1839 lab f Joseph(lab) & Ann(single woman)
bpr Needham George 08/12/1839 age 6m 1839
bpr chel Needham George Wormhill Slack Sarah Wormhill 30/12/1841 farmer f Joseph(farmer) & Joseph(farmer)
bpr Needham George Monsal Dale Smith  Margaret Monsal Dale 20/02/1843 weaver f Thomas(weaver) & Charles(carpenter dec)
bpr Needham William 10/01/1844 age 71 alias Bradbury 1773
bpr Needham George Bakewell Ryley Elizabeth Bakewell 17/11/1845 joiner f John(miner) & Joseph(cotton spinner)
bpr Needham John Taddington Twigg Ellen Sterndale 01/01/1856 farmer f Thomas(farmer) & James(farmer)
bpr chel Needham William Flagg Broom Ann Taddington 10/01/1858 farmer f Joseph(farmer) & Isaac(farmer & publican)
bpr Needham Joseph 01/08/1875 age 7 1868
bpr Needham Mary Ann 19/09/1879 age 39 1840
bpr Needham Mary Hannah 09/08/1888 age 58 born Tideswell 1830
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b=born   occupation - of father  
bef=before   tree - tree number  
f=father   who - links individuals in families
m=mother   bpr = Bakewell Parish records
fs/IGI=Family Search/IGI bake = Bakewell family tree
w = wife of   chel = Chelmorton Family Tree

Nigel Needham:
Thomas N apprentice 1805 f Thomas Bakewell Tailor Deceased to John Crookes Oughtybridge filesmith to Benjamin Morfin in 1805 of The Hurst filesmith
Nigel Needham:
May be part of William & Hannah's family in Chel tree BUT Esther's bap doesn't tie in but Williams does if we assumethat he comment on his death which says f ann refers to his mum hannah