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25 Jun 2017 After a lot of work the Castleton Tree suite has been updated including new data from wills. This has only complicated matters as new people have been identified that are not in the parish register ( these are wills earlier than available PR data). The Castleton origins page has also been updated

10 May 2017 After a long hall the ultimate Needham will data base for those Needham's from Derbyshire is now available

6 Apr 2017 The Oldham BBM data has been updated, but there is still a lot to do. But I'm going to take a rest from the Oldham Needham's to clear my head. There are three trees which I will put on the site once I can sync FTM with Ancestry

16 Mar 2017 the outcome of a major exercise is starting. Oldham in Lancashire has a very large population of Needham's. To date I've found nearly 1000. The problem is the vast majority have the same christian name ie John or James or Mary or Sarah etc. Drawing up trees and family relationships is a challenge; so I thought I'd put the base Oldham BBM data on line before I'm ready with the trees. Please contact me if you've worked on the Oldham Needham's I could do with some help

30 Jan 2017 More info on Nottinghamshire Needhams' has been added with family data for Nottingham city and trees for Nottingham city

27 Jan 2017 Maps have been introduced showing where the Needhams' lived and when they were first recorded living there. The first maps have been published for the overall family line as well as those for the Derbyshire Needhams' and Nottinghamshire

14 Jan 2017 A start has been made drawing up timelines for each of the family lines plus a summary based on all the information currently available. Each timeline includes the major events plus the places the Needham's lived at. You can access the timelines for Castleton, the Kilmorey's, Thornsett & Cowley and a summary for all Needham's based on what is currently available. All are available through the Timeline page

4 Jan 2017 A New Year rings in a new era: Nottinghamshire data. Baptism, burial & marriage data for Worksop has been added plus the associated family data, origins page and trees

28 Dec 2016 Well with my new Xmas presents I can now plot distribution maps. Interestingly the distribution of Needham's baptised between 1600 and 1630 has thrown in some interesting variants. London has by far the highest number of births followed by Derbyshire. Looking at a parish level then Hartington, the parish where the Needham's originated, has the highest baptism rate. A detailed look a the distributions of needham's has shown that Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire have high incidents of Needham's and I shall be attacking these counties next

22 Dec 2016 If you're sad enough you can follow my daily workings on the Needham ONS blog!

21 Dec 2016 The Derbyshire summaries of baptisms, marriages and burials has been updated, duplicates removed so it is now more user friendly

19 Dec 2016 There has been an issue with the media file on the Bakewell Tree. This has now been fixed and users should now be able to access all the media files

12 Dec 2016 The origins of how Needham's came to the two small Derbyshire villages of Bonsall and Duffield are detailed

7 Dec 2016 Baptism, burial & marriage data has been added to complement the family data and family tree already available for the Norton Parish in Derbyshire

5 Dec 2016 Baptism, burial & marriage data plus the associated family page and a family tree have been added for Harthill. I have to thank John Stead for providing transcriptions of the Harthill parish register

4 Dec 2016 Family data for Brampton and North Cheshire have been added together with the associated family trees for Brampton and North Cheshire . I must thank Liz Newbery for providing the structure and much of the information in the Brampton Tree

30 Nov 2016 A start is made on providing baptism, burial and marriage data for Cheshire. Information for Poynton is the first parish available and in the next few days data for Prestbury and Pott Shrigley will be loaded together with associated trees. I must thank Sue McNulty for providing transcriptions for these parishes and critiquing the trees

29 Nov The Hearth Tax data for Derbyshire has been expanded and updated and new data has been added for West Yorkshire. There are now 51 Needhams paying the tax in Derbyshire, 15 in Nottinghamshire and only 6 in South and West Yorkshire

28 Nov The Needham baptism, burial and marriage data for Rotherham has been updated. Previously the baptism data stopped at 1721 because the parish records were impossible to read. Bishop Transcripts allow the records to go back to the mid 16th century. Additionally, moore parental data has been found for a number of burial records.

7 Aug The Needham family tree for Barlow parish is now on line. It contains most of the people baptised in Barlow. They must have been real home birds

6 Aug The Nedham family lived in Jamaica for over a 100 years and had a significant impact on the island. Why did they come and why did they leave. Read the article.

31st July An article describing life in inner city Sheffield in the 1920's and 30's plus the Needham heirloom

30th July Family data for Needham's in the parishes of Norton and Barlow have been added together with a case study of the origins of the administrators paternal grandparents and the places they lived in Sheffield

12th July The origins of the Needham ancestral line in Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire and that developed into the Viscount of Kilmorey and to the Earl of Kilmorey is described

1st July A major upgrade of trees has been completed. New trees have been added for Chesterfield , Dronfield , Duffield , Eckington , Great Longstone , Greenhill , Hartington , Knyalton, Norton, and Youlgreave in Derbyshire and : Ecclesfield , Greenhill, Penistone , Rotherham , and Wickersley in South Yorkshire. In addition there have been significant upgrades to the Castleton, Tideswell, Wormhill, Peak Forest, Derbyshire Base, and Sheffield NGN family trees. If you have an issue with any of these trees please contact Nigel Needham, the administrator

28th June; Bonsall Parish Records have been updated plus family data for Needham's in Tideswell, Bonsall, Wormhill, and Castleton have been updated plus Youlgreave family data has been added

26th June Details on how and when the Needham's arrived in Sheffield, explaining where they came from and what they did

21st June; Baptism, Burial and Marriage parish records have been added for Braithwell, Ecclesfield, Doncaster, Penistone and parishes in South Yorkshire where there are a small number of Needham's in the records. All the records currently held for parishes in South Yorkshire have now been added to the site. If you have other records in South Yorkshire please get in touch with the administrator

9th June; A site search facility can now be used and is accessed on the home page. You can separately search the trees database using the Webtree software

8th June: Well that was a saga. I ran into a problem after trying to upgrade the site functionality. This failed so after uninstalling the 'add on' to the site that was not working properly, I found that the site was not working properly; so I have had to restore an earlier copy that I had on backup. It's taken a long time but happily all is now working well and later today I'll upgrade the site with some new software - after backing everything up. For an old man it's been a worrying no trying experience

6th June: Page Access problem - following an attempt to update the site software to include a site search engine I've created a problem accessing some pages and all the trees. Please be patient while I attempt to resolve the problem which is wholly of my own making. I'm no IT expert and some would say a questionable genealogist

17th May Wills information for Derbyshire updated and new information added for Cheshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire & Warwickshire

5th May A summary of Needham's who have appeared in the Court Rolls and Star Chamber records has been added

3rd May A summary of all available Derbyshire Marriages in parish records is available

2nd May A summary of all available Derbyshire Burials in parish records is available

1st May 2016 Baptism records for Derby plus a summary of all Derbyshire Baptisms in parish records added

29th April 2016 Great Longstone and Youlgreave parish data added

28th April 2016 Origins of Needham's in Hertfordshire has been included and the more detail has been added to the origins of the Needham's from Needham Grange in Derbyshire

20th April 2016 Origins of Needham's in Wormhill and Castleton added

18th March 2016 Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire Hearth Tax returns added

17th March 2016 Summary of Chancery proceedings 1377 to 1660 added

8th Feb. 2016 Duffield, Belper and Staveley parish data has been added

7th Feb. 2016 Needham's who have been knighted has been summarised and more beneficiaries of Wills written by Needham's in Derbyshire have been added

17th Jan 2016 Barlow, Brampton, Dronfield & Eckington parish data added plus information on the distribution of Needham's based on census return

6th Jan 2016 Rotherham parish added together with the associated family information

3rd Jan 2016 A large batch of will information has been added for Derbyshire residents and Wormhill graveyard data and photos can now be accessed

23rd Dec 2015 Information about Needham's who were registered silversmiths has been added together with parish information on Peak Forest, Taddington, Tideswell, Winster and Wirksworth, Wormhill

21st Dec 2015 Further information about parishes in Derbyshire that the Needham's were resident in has been added

19th Dec 2015 Information about 3 companies: John Needham - manufacturers of draincovers and grates - Joseph Pickering - manufacturers of pickling paste & Blanco - and Needham, Veall & Tyzack - cutlers are added to the Trades Section

9th Dec 2015 The arms and crests of the Needham/Nedham/Nedeham family are described

9th Dec 2015 Marchmount Nedham, the writer, Francis Jack Needham, the first Earl of Kilmorey, Charles Needham, the 4th viscount of Kilmorey and a royalist, Sir John Needham, judge, and George Nedham, a speaker in the Jamaican Assembly have been added to the list of famous Needham's

6th Dec 2015 A life summary of two famous Needham's has been added: James Nedham, the surveyor general of Henry VIII, and Ellis Needham, the notorious owner of Litton Mill

1st Dec 2015 Family trees added for Bakewell, Bonsall, Elton, Hucklow, Peak Forest and Wormhill

29th Nov 2015 Needham pedigrees from the Visitations to Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, Shropshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire & Rutland and Origins updated

28th Nov 2015 Family information added for Tideswell including Hope parishes

26th Nov 2015 Family information added for Winster and Wirksworth parishes

25th Nov 2015 Family information added for Elton and Taddington plus Archive records for 13th,14th and 15th century's added

23rd Nov 2015 Family Information added for Earl Sterndale, Monyash and Peak Forest parishes

22nd Nov 2015 Family Information added for Baslow,Bakewell, Cromford & Darley Dale parishes

19h Nov 2015. Residence information available about the major Needham houses

15th Nov 2015 Baptism, Marriage and Burial data added from Bakewell, Baslow and Eyam parish records

12th Nov 2015 Bonsall, Brassington, Darley Dale, Elton and Matlock parish records are now available

11th Nov Parish Records for Buxton, Earl Sterndale, Monyash & Taddington added

9th Nov 2015 Parish Records for Winster and Wirksworth are now available

7th Nov 2015 Parish Records for Hope, Peak Forest, Tideswell, and Wormhill are now available

2nd Nov 2015 Parish Records for Castleton added

1st Nov 2015 Gravestone information for Needham's buried at St Edmund's Castleton, St John the Baptist Chelmorton and All Saints Ashover are published

22nd Oct 2015 Family Trees are now available for a limited number of Parishes

20th Oct 2015 Delay in Trees becoming available because of major problem with web site. Trees should be available by the 28th Oct

19th Oct 2015. A number of Family Trees are now available, but without media, for Ashover, Chelmorton and Hartington in Derbyshire and Sheffield in Yorkshire. These Trees are all available on the Ancestry web site; this site uses Webtrees software to generate the Trees and allows you to examine the data associated with each individual in the Tree. The administrator would like feedback on the Webtrees software. Hopefully media files will be available shortly. Additional Family Trees for these four parishes should also be available by the 27th Oct.

09th Oct 2015: The web site is launched with Parish record data for Ashover, Chelmorton and Hartington in Derbyshire and Sheffield in Yorkshire. Their associated Family Trees should be available by 19th Oct.


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