Needham Family

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Needham's of Leek & Kingsley (Leek & Kingsley Trees)

Why have I linked Leek with Kingsley. You'll soon find out. But it's because the Needham's in these two places are linked - or I believe they are. Look at the Needham Kingsley Family Tree


The first records I've found to date of Needham's in Leek relate to John Needham and his wife Joan. They have eight children between 1665 and 1676 . Three of these children die within a year of their birth (although I've only found the burials of two of them) so five survive. Of these, three are sons: John Joseph & Thomas and two girls: Mary and the youngest child Elizabeth

Between 1652 and 1676 there are a number of references in The National Archives to John, associated sometimes with his wife Joan, mainly involving property in Leek





Start Date



Short title: Needham v Bayliffe. Plaintiffs: John Needham alias John Chadwicke. Defendants: Thomas Bayliffe and...


Short title: Needham v Bayliffe. Plaintiffs: John Needham alias John Chadwicke. Defendants: Thomas Bayliffe and William Smith. Subject: personal estate of John Clulowe, Leek, Staffordshire. Document type: bill and answer.

John Needham



C 8/117/117

Bond to appear at next Quarter Sessions


Robert Darwyn of Kingsley, clerk, to appear. Bondsmen: Richard Foarde of Kingsley, gent, and John Needham of Leek. Note: Appeared and continued.

John Needham of Leek

Apr 1654



Short title: Cooke v Needham. Plaintiffs: William Cooke. Defendants: John Needham and Joane Needham his ...


Short title: Cooke v Needham. Plaintiffs: William Cooke. Defendants: John Needham and Joane Needham his wife. Place or subject: property in Leek, Staffordshire. Document type: answer only.

John Needham & wife Joan



C 7/582/15

Short title: Cooke v Stubbs. Plaintiffs: William Cooke. Defendants: Matthew Stubbs, Joan Stubbs his wife...


Short title: Cooke v Stubbs. Plaintiffs: William Cooke. Defendants: Matthew Stubbs, Joan Stubbs his wife and John Needham and Joan Needham his wife. Subject: property in Leek, Staffordshire. Document type: two bills and three answers.

John Needham & wife Joan



C 8/183/32

Feoffment re close called Beggarsway, 10 acres in Leek


Cooke/ Needham

? Needham

19 Jan 1667



Release [lease not present] of a messuage, barn, garden and backside on Stockwall alias Stockoe...


Release [lease not present] of a messuage, barn, garden and backside on Stockwall alias Stockoe Street in Leek (Staffordshire), one part of which now used as a smithy, Thomas Bayley of Bradnopp to John Needham of Leek, 20 Nov 28 Charles II

John Needham of Leek




I believe Joan dies and John remarries a Jane. Why? Well, because some of the baptism entries refer to John's wife as Jane and there is a burial record for a Joan Needham in 1673 and after this date there are three bbaptism's where John is the father. But in 1691 John (described as a gentleman) dies and leaves the bulk of his wealth (£376) to his son Thomas with smaller amounts to his daughters Elizabeth and Mary. This would on the face of it appear harsh on his other two sons Joseph and John but they must be presumed dead but there are no records confirming this. In his will John mentions a brother Isaac and a nephew Joseph. But where do John and Isaac come from and who are their parents?

The surviving son, Thomas dies in 1702 and leaves his inheritance to his two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, who by now are both married. So, this line fizzles out. But before we leave these Needham's there is an interesting record in The National Archive that I want to share with you. Thomas gave evidence just before he died to a hearing and the summary of the hearing gives us an insight into the morals and goings on of the times. It involves an Ellen Harrison and her illegitimate child. I quote the National Archive summary of the case in full so you can judge for yourself the attitudes and prejudices of the times

‘ The information of Sarah Armett who said he was present when Ellen Harrison of Leek, gave birth and said that Samuel Ball of the parish of St. Peters in Derby was the true father. 3rd Dec. 1701. The information of William Brereton who said he was asked by Ellen Harrison to write letters to Joseph Gretrix of Derby, baker, William Adams of Derby, glazier, Joseph Sadler, sergeant to the Mayor of Derby and to another person who the examinant did not know but believed his name to be Gratton, shoemaker in Derby. The letters said that she, Ellen Harrison, was then delivered of a bastard female child and if they would not send money she would send them a child. She also said that Mr Walmesley of Lichfield had given her £3 to be an evidence for him against Mr Baker of Lichfield and she took £3 to a Mr Wakefield of Lichfield and further said she was to have £5 to swear on Mr Baker's account and swore that she and 4 others would ruin Mr Walmesley. The examination of Sarah Clowes who said she had heard Ellen Harrison declare she was to have £3 or £5 to give evidence but in what case she did not remember. The examination of Humphry Ridgway who said in 1698 he was the overseer of the poor in Leek and that in the same year Ellen Harrison was delivered of a male bastard child and she received maintenance of £1.4s.6d. The examination of Isaac Morrissee of Leek, overseer of the poor, who said he had been at some of the charges and expenses of Ellen Harrison and her bastard child, and had agreed to pay the remaining period of the charge but what the amount was he did not know. The examination of Thomas Needham of Leek, gent who said that two persons named Hoolme and Sherratt who lodged at his house had offered him half a guinea to assist in conveying Ellen Harrison out of the town of Leek with her bastard child.'

What would The Sun or the Mirror made of this?



The plot thickens about the Needham's and where they came from, how they spread their wings and who is related to who. In looking at the Needham's of Kingsley I realised ( I should say others pointed out and I've come to agree – see later) that they were linked to those Needham's in Leek. But before we get there, there is another twist.

The first entry of a Needham in the Kingsley parish records is in 1663 when a Richard Needham and his wife Ann have their first child John Needham baptised. They subsequently go onto have two more children, Robert (b1665) and Sarah (b1689). Bearing in mind people had to be 21 to get married then the latest Richard would be born would be 1642. But where does Richard come from. There is a problem because parish records around this time are notoriously dodgy either because they are damaged or lost. However, not far away in Thorpe by Ashbourne a Robert and Grace have a son, Richard baptised in 1641. I can't find any other Richard to fit so I believe Richard's parents are Robert and Grace. We've heard of a Robert Needham and his wife Grace before


A Robert and Grace Needham (ne Redfearne) lived at Hanson Grange just off Dovedale, Figure 1. Robert had a sister, Margaret who was buried in Alstonefield in 1643, and he and Grace had at least four children: George d1652, Grace d1653, Mary bap 1625 and Hugh b bef 1639 ( see Sheen 7 ). Now Thorpe is close to Dovedale and near Hanson Grange which leads me to conclude that Richard is the second son of Robert and Grace from Hanson Grange. If I'm correct this links the Needham's of Kingsley, Alstonefield, Wormhill and Salford.

Children of Robert & Grace

Why do I make this statement? Well in Wormhill there are records of land purchases of a Robert Needham and son Hugh. Robert Needham is a yeoman living at Hanson Grange with his wife Grace and son and heir Hugh Needham. Hanson Grange is at the top of Dovedale. This Robert purchases a messuage and land in Wormhill in 1652. By 1659 Hugh is living in Salford but he and his father are still purchasing land in 1669. By 1676 it would appear that Robert is dead and in 1682 Hugh, gent from Salford, and his son Cornelius are now dealing in property. What happened to Hugh and Cornelius has now become clearer as more records have become available. Hugh must have been well off and respected. He was a Salford juror (1668) and witnessed a number of transactions. He married Martha Wharton in Camden in1665. It might appear I'm having a brainstorm to think Hugh married in London. But Cornelius, his heir, named his first son Wharton Needham. Hugh died in 1692 and was buried in Manchester. So, it would appear that Robert and Grace of Hanson Grange have at least five children and Hugh carried on the dynasty. One interesting point is why two of Robert and Grace's children are buried in Alstonefield and one baptised there yet they live some distance away, in Wormhill. I can only think that Robert came from Alstonefield.

Hugh Needham, it would appear as brought up at Hanson Grange. After his marriage to Martha they had four children: Cornelius b bef 1658, Grace b 1660. Charles b 1663 and John who died in 1667. I'm unsure where Cornelius was born but Grace and Charles were baptised at Tideswell, Derbyshire with Hugh and Martha living nearby in Wormhill in 1660. However, by 1666 the family had moved to Salford where first Martha died (1689) and then Hugh (1692). Cornelius, his heir, married Elizabeth in Chester and they had three sons and a daughter, all bar William were baptised in Manchester. The exception, William, was born and died in London. After this Cornelius' trail dies although a Cornelius Needham died in New Windsor in 1710. The sons all died young so this Needham line dies with it. Hugh had two other sons, Charles and John but I haven't found anything out about them yet .

The eldest son was George Needham who died in 1652, Grace their eldest daughter died in 1653 and I haven't to date found what happened to Mary b 1625. But what of Richard?

Children of Richard & Ann

We've already seen that Richard and his wife Ann had two boys, John and Robert, and a daughter Sarah baptised in 1689. Two years later in 1691, Ann their mother dies . Richard lives a further 36 years, dying in 1727. Both Richard and Ann were buried in Kingsley. But there could be a twist as a John Needham marries Rebecca Brindley in 1692. So what hapenened to the two boys? Can we find out any more about John? Well yes we can ( well I should say Dawn did).

In the Bramshall registers she found a marriage licence between John Needham & Martha Wheeldon (probably Wheldon). It stated that John was a widower and came from Kingsley. He married Martha who came from Chedley and they had three sons and three daughters. He died intestate in 1738 and probate was granted to his widow Martha, William Wheldon and John Burton. William is almost certainly related to Martha. Of the three sons I can't find out anything about Joseph b 1691 but both John and Samuel married and had children.


Children of John & Sarah

John married Sarah Godwin from Leek in 1718/19 and appears to have settled in Leek after their marriage. They raised a family of five boys and two girl. Of the five boys, Joseph b 1724 and William b1729 definitely married and had children. Of the other three Samuel b 1720 and Richard b 1735 appear to have died childless and I can't be sure what happened to John b 1722 John and Sarah's second eldest son but I believe he didn't have children.

So what of the two sons who did have children. Joseph, John and Sarah's third eldest son married Mary and they had four children three girls and a son, Jospeh b 1754. Joseph's son Joseph married Ann but they appear not to have had any children. So what of William. Well he married Ellen and had two boys William b 1751 and James b 1753. James died shortly after his birth & I can't be sure what happened to William.

John died in 1747 and his will describes him as a buttonmaker. He must have been successful as he had a broad property portfolio. Following his death his executors had a number of actions as John had asked them to sell all his assets including a number of properties and establish a trust which would support his children, who were all under 21, and his wife. The only family person he mentions is his eldest son Samuel


Table 1 Archive records of John Needham (1690-1748)





Start Date


Copy will of John Needham of Leek


John Needham of Leek



Will of John Needham, Button Merchant of Leek , Staffordshire


Will of John Needham, Button Merchant of Leek , Staffordshire.

John Needham, Button Merchant of Leek



Conveyance of a messuage in Spout Street or Sheep Market, p. Leek


Wheildon, Corden and Townsend (executors of John Needham, deceased, to Gibbons

John Needham of Leek



Quitclaim of executors of all actions arising under the will of John Needham of Leek, buttonmaker


John Needham, Button Merchant of Leek

27 Jun 1757





However, despite having five sons this Needham line appears to fizzle out


Children of Samuel & Dorothy

Samuel, John and Martha's youngest son married Dorothy and they had three boys (I believe) and a daughter Dorothy. I can find baptisms for Joseph b 1741 and Samuel b 1746 both in Kingsley but then there is John. On Ancestry there is mention of a family bible which details births, deaths and marriages of a Needham family line. Having been in contact with the ‘owner' the information comes from Margaret Needham b 1817 who copied the detail down from the said bible. For the moment I'm assuming it is correct and John Needham was born in 1739 in Kingsley and is Samuel and Dorothy's youngest son. The descendants of Samuel and Dorothy can be traced back to the present and all the bible information I'm told checks out with parish records. Unfortunately, the Kingsley records are difficult to read in places including the date around which John is baptised

John, Samuel and Dorothy's youngest son, has three children through two marriages. With wife Hannah he has two girls Elizabeth and Hannah and although Hannah has a son Samuel the father is not given so the Needham line stops. John's first wife Hannah dies in 1772 and John marries Elizabeth Hillard and they have a son Samuel. Sadly Samuel dies when he was six so the Needham line stops

But all is not lost because there is still Samuel and Dorothy's son Joseph. Although he was baptised in Kingsley in 1741 it would appear that he marries Anna Moore in Leek. How do we know this? Well, a licence was issued in 1773 for the marriage of Joseph age 30 plus from Kingsley to Anna Moore from Leek . This would mean Joseph would be born around 1743 minus, in Kingsley. Joseph son of Samuel and Dorothy is the only fit we have, he was born in 1741 in Kingsley.

Joseph and Anna lived in Leek and had three boys, Samuel b 1775, Edward b1776 and William b 1778. William married and had girls and I can't find anything out about Samuel so that leaves Edward who marries Sarah Goodbehere in 1814 and they have seven children

Children of Edward and Sarah

Edward is an interesting character. Although born in Leek he marries Sarah in Yardley Worcestershire. The 1841 census has them still living in Yardley but his occupation is a plater of spoons. He dies in Aston Warwickshire where I believe he had a factory. This needs more work on it but it is similar to my own family line where Needham's moved from the land to become cutlers etc in industrial Sheffield.

Edward and Sarah had eight children all of whom were born in Macclesfield. But of these only three were boys, Edward b 1820, Samuel b 1819. and Samuel b 1828. Tragically, both Samuel's died within a month of their birth but Edward carries on with the Needham line and it would appear has an interesting cv which reflects the major changes the country was going through as a consequence of the industrial revolution. Edward was born in 1820. The first time I found him after that was in the 1851 census when he was living in Aston and working on the railways. You have to remember that the first passenger service didn't start until the mid 1830's so Edward appears to have been involved in the newly developing rail system from early on. Working on the rail system he moves to Knaresborough and onto Boulton outside Derby. By 1871 he is Superintendent of Line for Midland Railway and in 1874 Superintendent of Passengers. He died in 1890 and left £8500k in his will. So, he was born before the railways came of age and grew up as the rail system developed rapidly and became one of its senior managers in one of the largest rail companies. At his funeral there were 63 carriages, Fig 2.

Fig 2 Death of Edward Needham, Derbyshire Advertiser & Journal, Jan 31 1890











Edward married first Harriet Leay with whom he had a girl, Bertha, and a boy Edward. Sadly, their mother,Harriet died in 1863 but worse still Edward committed suicide while depressed and died aged 30 without issue, Fig 3.

fig 3 Coroners court hearing on death of Edward Leary Needham, The Nottingham Evening Post Friday July 23 1880















On a happier note Edward re-married in 1869, this time to Mary Allport with whom he had three children, one girl Sybil and two boys, James and Ronald. James spent most of his life in India and received the OBE, Fig 4. Whilst there he married Dorothy Lynn in 1910 and two years later they had a daughter Joan. Eleven years later, in 1923, James and Dorothy had twins, James B and John N Needham. But, tragedy seems to follow the males in this family, as James died aged 4 and John died aged 17 after following his father to Rugby School.

Fig 4 Obituary of James Ernest Needham , The Evening News Sat 27 March 1937








Ronald was born in 1870 in Boulton Derbyshire. He went to Rugby School and after a period at sea joined Harland and Wolf then in 1895 he moved to Vickers in Barrow. He was a Mechanical Engineer and must have been a good engineer because he eventually purchased a boat yard in Bangor building yachts. He died in 1919. So in a period when Britannia ruled the waves we have an engineer working in two of the most famous shipyards in the world building ships. First the father is into trains and the son ships.

Ronald married Edith they had one son Edward who was born in 1917. He went to University and trained as a doctor. In 1942 at the age of 25 he was posted missing at sea off the coast of Shetland. He left a wife and two young sons.

So here we have an example of a family whose origins were on the land, who encompassed the industrial revolution, expanded with it and gained from it to an extent that one of their sons was able enough and the parents wealthy enough to be able to afford their son to be educated at University


The 'Needham Family Bible'

Since writing this I found a reference to a Needham family bible and contacted the person whose tree contained reference to the bible and information about births, deaths and marriages of Needham's from Leek/Kingsley

Anne Wilson Dooley lives in Canada and her great grandmother, Sarah Margaret Harding Loud, and Sarah's daughter, Edith Margaret Loud, were interested in their family history. In 1910 they crossed the Atlantic and visited a number of relatives, including Mary Louisa Allport, wife of Edward Needham (see children of Edward (his father) and Sarah (his mother). Edith wrote notes of what is believed to be entries made of the births, marriages and deaths taken from a family bible. An example of the hand written notes is shown on figure 5.

Fig 5 Page 1 of the notes thought to have been taken from a Needham family bible, with permission of Anne Wilson Dooley













Anne has transcribed the notes and they are shown below:

Preliminary transcription of notes collected by Edith Margaret Loud on lineage of Needham family in England.

John N. (throughout these notes "N" stands for Needham and is used in the original notes. ) of Whiston ( Anne notes that she has found at least five towns called Whiston in England - two in Staffordshire, one was a village not far from Leek -. The other was south of the town of Stafford :one was in Merseyside: one in Northamptonshire and the other in South York.) - was born March ye 30, 1663 and mar. to Martha his wife, July ye 14 th , 1689.

Thomas first born son John N., was born May ye 6 th 1690 (Anne think's this is the same one of the John's mentioned later-nb I agree)

Joseph N. was b. Jan ye 4 th 1692

Sarah N. was b. July ye 13 th 1694

Mary N. was b. Oct ye 27 th 1703

Samuel N. was b. Sept ye 5 th 1705

Martha N, was b, Apr ye 6 th 1711

Written by Jno. Needham in ye 70 first year of his age - ye father of ye (above) children.

Along the side of the above notes is written John N of Whiston departed this life upon ye 76 year of his age 4 th day of Aug. 1738.


Samuel N was mar to Dorothy Oakden ye 25 th of Apr. 1738

John N. son of Sam. N. and D. His wife was born on Thursday ye 16 th of Apr. 1739 between six and seven in the evening

Joseph N. was born on ye 9 th day of March 1741 bet one and two in the morning0

Dorothy N. was born April ye 12 th 1748 being Tuesday between 8 and 9 in the forenoon

Sam N. was born May ye 28 th 1746 between nine in the morning being Wednesday

Dorothy wife of Sam N. dep. This life June ye first 1746

Sam her son dep. July ye 3' 1 1746 aged five weeks and one day

Joseph N. son of John and Martha N. dep. Jan ye 22, 1746

John N. his brother dep. June 30 th 1748

Mary Foslor?. Foflor. Fostor??" there (sic) sister dep. Aug ye 15 th 1766 in the forenoon

Sam N. their brother Died Jan ye 5 th 1770 near ten o'clock at night

John Needham son of Sam. And Dorothy was m. to Hannah Snow on Mon. Jan 18' h 1768

Their first born Eliz. N. was born on Monday ye 22 nd ? 1768 just before three o'clock in ye afternoon.

Hannah daughter of John and H. N. was born Sept ye 5 th 1771 on Thursday bet 10 and 11 o'clock at night a little before eleven.

Han. The wife of John N. dep. This life Oct ye 7 th 1772 bet 9 and 10 o'clock in the forenoon aged 23

Joseph N. son of Sam'l and D. N. was married to Anna Moore on Monday ye 27 th ? 1773, their first
born son Sam Was born on Tuesday ye 17 th of Nov. 1774 at 25 mins. past 2 in the afternoon

Their second son Edw. Was b. on Tues. May 21 g 1776 just past five o'clock in ye morning

Their 3rdI son Wm. Was b. Friday Jan ye 30 th 1778 about half past seven o'clock in the morning Anna the wife of Josh N. dep. on Thurs May 21" 1778, a quarter before six in the morning aged 26


Joseph N. was mar. to Ann Croswell on Wed. Nov. 14 th at Winslow

Ann Croswell (first Smith) was born Aug 1750

Their d. Francis N. was b. on Sat. Mch 8 th 1783 at half past 7 o'clock in the morning

Eliz, their sec. D. was b. on Thurs. 30 t h Sept 1784 at 12.30 in the morning Sarah their 3 rd d. w. b. on Thurs 10 th Aug 1786 at one o'clock

Francis N. dep. on Sat the 7 th July 1787 at 2.30 in af.



Wm. N. son of Jos and Anna N. was m to Ann Richardsen

Their first daughter (their first d.) Mary Ann N. was b. May 22 nd 1802 Their 2" d d. Eliz. Oct 11 th 1803

Their 3 rd , Ann was b. 11 May 1806

Jos. N. son of Sam. And Dorothy N. dep. This life on Sunday 24' th June 1804 thirty-seven past five in the morning aged 63 years

John N. son of Sam and D. N. dep. This life on Wed. June 12 th 1811 a little after 2 o'clock aged 72

Sam. Son of Jos. and Anna N. was mar to Martha Head on 22 nd May 1810


Edw. Son of Jos. and Anna N. was m. to Sarah Goodbehere at Yardley in Worcestershire Sept 22 nd 1814

The above S. Goodbehere. Daughter of Edmund and Mary G. was b. Jan 5 th 1785 at 2 in afternoon

Their first d. Sarah was born on Tuesday Mch 2 nd 1816 at 20 mins. past six in morning was baptised by the Revd. L. Pollock on Tues Apr. the 28 th 1816

Their sec. D. Margaret, May 16 th at 1/4 past eleven at night and chris. By Revd. Mr. Pollock on Sunday June 22' th 1817

Their 3 th d. Martha Anne was b. on Sat. 4 th Apr 1818 at 10 in morning and was Christ. By Revd. Mr. Pollock on Sund. May 17 th 1818

Their son Sam. N. was born on l st day Apr 1819 was Christ on 25' th and died sec. May.

Their sec. Son Edw. Moore was b. on Monday May 8 th 1820 at 11 at night and was Christ. On June 4 th 1820 by Revd Lowthion(?) Pollock of Macclesfield

Their 4 th d. Charlotte Gaine was b. on June 18 th 1823 at 3 in morning and was Christ by Rev. Cheetham on Sun. Aug 3 rd 1823

Their 5 th d. Mary Birkett was born at Moseley Wake Green (?) in parish of Yardley on Frid. 23rd July 1824 at 1/4 before 2 in morning (a seven months child) and was Christ. By Revd. George Cheetham of Mac. On Tues. 21st day Set 1824. She died Nov 30 1824 and was interred at Hall Green Chapel

Mary Houlkes died at Chester on same day.

Their 3rd son intended to have been called Sam. N. was b. Aug 24 6 died Set 20 th 1828 and was int. at Hall Green.

Edw. N. died Feb 5 th 1846 and was bur at H. Green

Sarah N. wife of Edw. N. died at Moorland Cottage, Hall Green on Sept 19 th 1853 and was buried at H.G. Charlotte Gaine N. died at Moorland Cottage Sept 9 1855 and bur at Hall Green group


Edw. Moore N. son of Ed. And Sarah N. was m. to Harriet Emma Leay d. of Wm. Leay late of Ravenscroft Hall, Cheshire on 5 th July 1848 at Sefton Church, Lancashire by Rev. Wm. Rantflower (?) of Seaforth

Their 1 st son Edw. Leay was b. at Birmingham Sunday June 30 th 1850 at 5.50 am. and was ch. At Seaforth Church on Oct. 27 6 by Revd. Rantflower (?)

Comments On the notes

The first thing to say is that these notes do appear to look like records that have been made and kept for a considerable time. The quoting of the time of the birth and death implies family members have been keeping records as far back as the 17th century. Most of the information is confirmed by parish records but there are three issues;

  1. John 1663-1738: the notes say that John/Martha's first child b 6 May 1690 was Thomas Needham. However, everything else points to John b 6 May 1690 being the first son – this includes the Parish Records. Assuming Thomas is wrong it does question the validity/accuracy of the rest of the document. However, all but isolated entries are confirmed by parish register entries
  2. Joseph b 1741 son Samuel & Dorothy.
    1. The notes say Joseph dies 24 June 1804 age 63. This fits with a birth in 1741. There is a burial of a Joseph Needham in Macclesfield 26 June 1804 age 68. The date/age don't fit with a birth in1741. But his age could be wrong. If he died in Macclesfield it means Joseph was born in Kingsley, lived in Leek and died in Macclesfield. He was a weaver – is there any other fact to prove this?
    2. The notes have Joseph marrying a second time to Ann Crosswell – married in Winslow in 1781. There is a marriage record of a Joseph Needham marrying an Ann Crosswell in Winslow in 1781. The record says Joseph was from Leek – this is the only evidence that it could be our man
    3. The notes say Joseph and Ann had three children: Francis (female) b1783 d 1787, Elizabeth b 1784 & Sarah b 1786. I can find bap & bur of a Francis and bap of an Elizabeth in Macclesfield with the dates in the notes. To date I have not found a record for Sarah but perhaps this is because she was dead at birth ( the notes say d.w.b – does this mean ‘dead with birth'?).
  3. Edward 1776-1846: the notes say Edward/Sarah had a 3 rd son that died within a month of his birth – Aug 1828. I haven't found evidence of this.

Despite the reservations I have used all the facts except the first issue where I've used Johnas the first son as the parish record states it was John Needham that was baptised not Thomas. Where I have used the fact from the note AW has been put in the description box






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